Vulcano – Bloody Vengeance

Vulcano – “Bloody Vengeance” LP Rock Brigade Records Z

Vulcano - Bloody VengeanceYou can tell at first glance what this record is like exactly. It’s ‘vengeful’ and it sure as hell is ‘bloody’ also.

These fancy adjectives describe one of the world’s few totally brutal death-metal bands.

Vulcano join Sepultura, Death, Slaughter, Messiah, Excruciation,(early) Possessed, Master/Death Strike and arguably more, all playing the most brutal music in all metal, bar none.

That’s a high honor, I suppose.

The recording quality and packaging is quite laborious/poor, but Vulcano’s rawness overcomes these tedious obstacles.

Starting side ‘Bloody’ with a bang,”Dominios Of Death” is a killer tune! “Spirits Of Evil” slows things down a little but the power especially in the vocals are so forceful that they cannot be ignored. “Ready To Explode” is exact riff-laden total death. “Holocaust” is speedy like the opener. Vulcano excel when they are playing fast thrash.

Now, onto the ‘vengeful’ (side vengeance). Angel, on vocals, displays total anger- listen to the first song off this side, “Incubus”, for proof. Brutal perfection as Death Metal lives up to it’s pretentious title. More unbelievable thrashing. By this time just for ‘the record’, I must admit, I am blown away by Vulcano. “Voices From Hell” delves heavily into Satanic stuff with a demonic chant that goes on more than a mite too long. This bit of strangeness is followed by a powerful tune.

The last song, “Bloody Vengeance” is, you should have guessed by now, just in-f*ckin’-credible, like the rest of this LP. I don’t have the 1st Vulcano record- “Vulcano Live” but I’d like to hear from someone who does.

– Rich Castle

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