Thrash Metal Attack – Compilation LP

Thrash Metal Attack – Compilation LP (New Renaissance- NRR27)

Thrash Metal Attack - Compilation LPThis record took well over a year to come out due to legal hassles with the bankruptcy of the original distributor, Greenworld, allowing bands on this LP to come out with their debut discs, beforehand. Bands like Post Mortem, Bloodfeast, Wehrmacht, Anvil Bitch, and Necrophagia(Ohio), all put out debut discs on the great New Renaissance Records label.

What is great is that the tracks by Wehrmacht “Gore Flix” and Necrophagia-“Young Burial”, do not appear on their respective debut albums. Also great about “T.M.A” are the great unsigned groups from the vast underground that appear on this compilation: Hellwitch (doing “Torture Chamber”), Rabid (California) doing “Led To The Gallows”, Necropolis (Cal.,U.S.) doing “The Future Holds The Past”, Aggression (Quebec, Canada) doing “Torment Or Death”, and Desexult (doing “Salvation” from their days when they were called Samhain), are all groups well-known to die-hard thrashers and the songs of these five groups are excellent picks.

Note: Pick-up Aggression’s great “Forgotten Skeleton” LP, available only through the mail as far as I know: It’s a must! These bands are deserving of more recognition and N.R.R. are giving them just that. Only Cal.,U.S.’s Defcon (who do “Red Light”) and Wargod (who do “Preserved Corpses”) belong more on a speed metal compilation, though not bad bands at all, just out of place with all this hardcore metal. I don’t have the cassette version but it must be better since it got one more track each by Rabid and Aggression, just about the best bands on the album.

How about “T.M.A. Volume 2”, soon, because I’m worried that New Renaissance Records did not call this “Volume 1”.

– Rich Castle

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