The Secret Wood Tales – Roby Tav and Tiziana Radis

The Secret Wood TalesThe Secret Wood Tales – Roby Tav and Tiziana Radis 2010 LP, Black Widow Records

The Secret Wood Tales  R T  T R is how the band name is spelled out on the back cover, as I am writing this out to give you some idea of the band’s runic sensibilities.

If you like or are so inclined to indulge in this short list of ‘ingredientes’, as I will fancifully call them, you will be urged to seek out this 2010 LP on Black Widow Records out of Italy.


1. Are you intrigued by the term ‘Zena Metal

2. Are you the type of person who might scribble down these kind of poetic sentences into your notebook/diary:

‘Fortitudes of solace and melancholia wait and perceptualize in my eternal quest for sanctuary’


‘I am the ancient misanthropic spirit of the blue-hued forest’

3. Do you like Blackmore’s Night? That of course being Ritchie Blackmore of Deep Purple/Rainbow fame’s husband and wife  musical excursion.

4. Do you dig chilling out to ‘healing music’?

5. Can you sometimes get into the folksy baroque heaviness of Loreena Mckennitt and then put on an album by Sweden’s Therion?

6. Do you like Nightwish?

7. Do you find mysticism and magic a fun thing but at the same time realize that it really comes about only by truly understanding that the heart must be at peace and the mind must be free and the soul has to wander forever seeking?

8. Does New Age music seem cool sometimes?

Did you answer yes to alot of these questions?

Then you may be ready for The Secret Wood Tales of Roby Tav and Tiziana Radis.

I answered, emphatically, yes to all of the above questions!

My favorites on ‘T.S.W.T.’ of Roby Tav and Tiziana Radis are as follows:

Autumn Wind‘ – Pretty, with a hint of metal chuggery beneath the heartfelt exterior of the song. ‘Autumn Wind‘ has an almost Japanese paper folding, Origami- like ethereality to it’s composition.

Distorted lead guitar single notes carve their coolness after the middle point.

Do I detect shades of The Dixon House Band in this song?

Google the song title ‘Sooner Or Later‘ and play it for yourself and you may remember this forgotten band from the 1970s. I admit that I can barely fathom why I have mentioned this but, hey, it’s only rock’n’roll I think.

Well actually it is heavier and deeper than straight rock.

Mirror Of Light‘ – An obtuse number with flange effects. The Secret Wood Tales have that distorted metal guitar chuggery underpinning ‘Mirror’. Very, very, very Light Metal is what I’ll call this Roby Tav and Tiziana Radis collaboration.

The Silver Wood‘ – flies on a wooden log through cellophane forests and truths that have complete transparency. This song cuts a shrift through the forest that has led me to an ecstatic plane. The soaring voice of Tiziana Radis is bonechilling and transcendent.

If you are with me so far, I will confidently say: Just buy this album.

Trust me.

– Rich Castle

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