Taak – Supersargasso

Taak - SupersargassoTaak’s is back on the world scene with “Supersargasso”, 4 years on from the “Rist Viletsuse Teel” LP opus. The Urgic Doom Metal powerhouse takes listeners on a time and mind, bending/twisting/turning journey with more than of hint of good old fashioned Hard Rock poking through in the songs.

Supersargasso propels fans, new and old alike, on a musical vista through eons of the world’s inability to grasp the mundane and questionable. Recorded with Keijo Koppel ( Metsatöll ), who delivers an almost folky subterrain to the album’s already way out texture.

Mart Kalvet bellows mightily, and recalls bards of Olde Europe. A song that translates as “The Last Night With Bela Lugosi” and one that translates as “A Cure to Illness” fire up gothic spectres in the ether, thanks to Kalvet.

The whirlwind soundscape on “Supersargasso” — almost a homage to the Doom kings, Electric Wizard” — “They are listening on my Teeth”, is the rowdy road-burning tour-de-force of this heady collection of Taak songs, and Deathscream’s pick for top track.

Urmas Jogi, in my estimation though, is the real star. His guitar peels out a Post Rock fusion hybrid that is just masterful.

Miss Taak’s newie at your peril.

-Rich Castle