Speed Metal Hell III – Compilation LP

Speed Metal Hell III – compilation LP (New Renaissance- NRR 29)

Here is an excellent choice of bands.

Speed Metal Hell IIIPapsmear starts with “Die Killing”, the unbelievable cut from the band’s demo tape “Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas”. Wehrmacht speeds things up further, making things get even better. By Necropolis the Bathory/Celtic Frost/Death presences start to hover. Dream Death change the sound to a doomy/sludgy affair. “Pesticide” is the song done from Regurgitation breaking speed records.

The power continues undaunted with Necrophagia (Ohio) who deliver, of course, with “Power Thru Darkness”. Bloodfeast start Side B in blood-curdling fashion with “The Suicidal Mission”. The next two bands or three are not the strongest picks but Prong, Metal Onslaught (who haven’t released an album Stateside yet), and The Kill really don’t take away much, either as they’re entertaining, especially the unexpected melody of The Kill; “Kill Or Be Killed” is damn good but it would have fit on “Speed Metal Hell I” much better.

Outrage, hailing from Japan, immensely better than the band Outrage from Canada, caps the album off in that death-metal fashion the album strives for with the spectacular tune, “Under Control Of The Law”.

Buy it for this song alone, as Outrage are an obscure surprise.

– Rich Castle

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