Fast Forward To Hell – Compilation LP

“Fast Forward To Hell”- compilation LP (metalworks- V.O.V. 664)

Fast Forward To HellThis is the 1st release from a new label out of England. This is the 2nd brand- new record company, dealing exclusively with thrash metal, out of England. (The other is Chain Reaction Records).

Judging by their first batch of releases, this record company is trying to put cheery ‘ol England on the thrash metal map. And who knows, this might bring about a NWOBTM. A New Wave Of British Thrash Metal. Could you imagine, with these first few bands, who, take it from me, are really a cut above their predecessors Venom, Motorhead, Sacrilege, Concrete Sox, Atomkraft, or even the constantly improving Onslaught or Warfare.

The advent of a new thrash metal era is all quite possible. Right here on “F.F.T.H.” are three fantastic new bands out of the United Kingdom. And they all have full-length LPs out on Metalworks. Deliverance, Deathwish, & Virus. And Angels of Malice are the latest British spawn.

Deathwish play solid-as-hell power/thrash with an aggressive rhythm section, on their two tracks- “Sword Of Justice” and “Demonic Attack”.

Deliverance sound like an English version of Carnivore as the singer possesses that big kind of voice. The words pertain to the primitive instincts of hatred that lurks in the bloody lil’ hearts of mankind. Their are genuine touches of Brit originality, creativity, and catchiness on “Desire” and “Your Death”. The same adjectives can be used, even more exemplified, for Angels Of Malice.

Angels Of Malice start off with an intro speech that sounds like an English Jim Morrison- turned- Satanic. Then comes the first track, the title track of this compilation; “Fast Forward To Hell”.

Virus have two tracks. “Malignant Massacre” and “T.N.T.”. Virus is the fastest of the lot, to say the very least.

Germany’s Necronomicon appear on this album. Note: This is a very special band for me who have caught my interest. They are tons of fun. Yes, I said fun. Death metal can rock if it wants to and Necronomicon know how.

Exumer, also from Germany, appear with one track, as does Angeldust. All the cuts from the German bands have already been released on each act’s respective albums.

“Fast Forward To Hell” is the best foreign compilation LP to date.

– Rich Castle

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