Soothsayer – October 1986 demo

Soothsayer – October 1986 demo

Karrion, Armoros, Genocide Inc., Mal Havoc, Beyond, Aggression, Lethal Presence, Self-Destruct, Infernal Majesty, Annihilator and Soothsayer.

Just a sample of bands for you out of the Great White North/Canada. The bands that I have listed represent the new blood injected into the veins of Canada’s thrash metal scene.

The icy veins of Canada have brought about another thrash monster. Soothsayer.

Soothsayer’s style is easy to pin down. Lots of fast thrashing laced with Rob Urbinati (Sacrifice) esque fervent and very frequent screams by vocalist Stephan Whitton. If Stephan would let up with the screaming insanity, Soothsayer would be signed immediately to a record deal. No bout a doubt it!

The band shows tremendous control even at high speeds that they constantly play at. The band shows tremendous control even at managing to make a few distinguishable tracks that thrash & burn you!

(Warning: Soothsayer’s track will be distinguishable after several listens. After that, you will be hooked. This is what happens to propel Voivod’s rise from the deepest underground of Canada, with the “War & Pain” LP.)

“Build The Terrorism” is another track that totally kills. With the proper guidance Soothsayer can really go places.

An added plus is the good sound and desirable mix. This is a demo and does what demos should. It delivers the tunes.

– Rich Castle

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