Sewn Shut – “Rediscovering The Dead” 2005 CD

Sewn Shut - "Rediscovering The Dead" 2005 CDSelfmadegod from Poland have a real worthy collection of grindcore Eps and whatnot from the amazing Sewn Shut. Put ’em all together and there is new stuff too. How time and dust has buried them along with most of my memories of the year 2005 I haven’t a clue, though.

I do know that these thrashing, blasting, maddening, forays of pure Grind are embedded with a Swedish homeland Death Metalheart. Nasum and earliest Hypocrisy can be heard. Sewn Shut must hear a steady diet of SOB (Japan) and Brutal Truth (band leader of B.T. is Dan Lilker, best known from being in the New Yorkers Anthrax — that is — in their earliest days).

Awful distribution and subterranean dwelling has meant that only scrawling the depths of the dark cold oceans of Extreme Metal music could dredge this bunch up. But I always did like Fly-fishing for new DM/GC disc-ovaries(sic).

There are tons of really short songs so they never overstay their S.Shut-welcome. Yet most bands would gladly take a riff or two that Sewn Shut make so effortlessly and fill up 50 minutes. In this fast-paced, I-want-it-and-I-want-it-a-millisecond-before-I-say-NOW, if your mouth is watering: Go right ahead and run to the computer and find this and order it; stub your toe clumsily into the wall on the way; knock over your mom’s valuables. Who cares! This is super cool and Underground.

And forget it man. Don’t even think about those Pop-Tarts in the toaster oven. They are cold and stiff by now. Sodom, the teutonic Deaththrash kings were right: You are obsessed by cruelty and have real good taste in music too.

Tom Angelripper made “Epitome Of Torture” with Sodom last year of 2013. If you thought that sounded toe-tappingly brutal, then you need this rusty razor blade from Sewn Shut to really do you in.

Sweet sweet Grindcore nostalgia. And if you don’t have Atack Epileptico’s vinyl 12″ (Brazilian spikehair merauders) then maybe you are not ready to take this highway to hail(sic).

– Rich Castle

Visit King Kai’s channel on YouTube to take a listen to the album if you are weasel-like and squeamish about going straight for the gusto. “Rediscovering The Dead” was never this much fun since … (insert your own perversion) the last ______________________  concert festival you attended where it rained the whole time and you bathed in mud for hours and hours and hours!