NARZISS debut EP 2020

There hasn’t been a band this dark and this cold for a long time but for those long in the tooth regarding black metal from Austria one has only to look at the amazing black metal that started oozing out of the back belly of Austria in the 1990s, for a guaranteed amazing dark ride! If there could be a cross of earliest MAYHEM w/Dead on vocals, with the blaring most noncommercial best of Behemoth and a huge dollop of Austria’s amazing ABIGOR – well here it is! Towering monolithic razor-sharp slabs of blackened music slice forth from this unknown, unsigned act who have just about come out of nowhere to besmirch and bedazzle the living heck out of everyone. The one and only problem is that after listening to this EP, I want something twice as long from NARZISS. Stupendous – An 11 out of 10.

 – Rich Castle