KALT VINDUR – And Nothing Is Endless (2020LP)

Kalt Vindur storm out of Poland with their amazing prog metal infused blackened death metal. Simply witness the third song on this full length debut LP called The Blind Sin Hunter. It’s a bashy, crashy zesty affair that there’s dares Infuse Megadeth at their most proggy with sheer blackness. And, as they say among musicians these guys can play! Elsewhere there is another standout track ‘Red Glow” – it’s exciting weave of gypsy melodies puts this exciting band up there with extremely high marks for originality. They could almost be described as post DIMMU BORGIR – straight ahead heavy,, meets VADER at their blackest. The misanthropic and bellowing powerful vocals and complex song structures makes this album a must get. 8 out of 10 rating. Bravisimo!? – Rich Castle