ATHANATHEOS – Prophetic Era 2020 LP

This album curiously its never a Doom paced album, so curious as it does have all those earmarks. Prophetic Era ( or how Yahweh became the one) is a sprawling atmospheric dark epic thrasher of magnanimous metal proportions. It clocks in at 48 minutes with only 7 songs and it’s quite a journey. These Frenchmen recall Septic Flesh at their finest & Christianity is truly torn asunder under the schooling of this immense troupe, The guitar sound, I must add , is insanely good. This album is bound to pick up a cult following. Sheer power unleashed! A rating of 9 out of 10. You know what? Buy it! In different incarnations and with different band names since 2001, ATHANATHEOS have arrived in Summer 2020. Just in time for the latest apocalypse! – Rich Castle