Bring Me The Horizon – Parasite Eve

Metal on the edge in the state of Corona’s widespread malice couldn’t better be encapsulated and longformed better than what these young stalwarts have conjured. With lyrics being this band’s forte, they don’t disappoint here “Please remain calm the end has arrived we cannot save you enjoy the ride this is the moment you’ve been waiting for don’t call it a warning this is a war’ and elsewhere the band Intone ” “If the suspense doesn’t kill you then something else will”. Bring Me The Horizon are a very interesting band as they continue to create intense soundscapes not with yesterday’s metal but today’s metal and today’s music and there is a lot of originality here and a lot of original ideas that even the gaming world has embraced Bring Me The Horizon has indeed defined he summer of 2020 – the soundtrack to it all – It is Parasite Eve. Who will be first on line in 2021 for the vaccine, hmm – Rich Castle