Brotthogg – The Die Is Cast

Progressive and Melodic, Black Metal from Trondheim Norway. Very impressive release. The blitzing drums and the exquisite melodies tie and twain together like some dark symphony from on high! Emperor, Dark Funeral, and Satyricon come to mind as Brotthogg haven’t just made a good album. As they say in the modern world – they’ve killed it! Dark, introspective, pained cries rip over gypsy dancing weaves of harmonies and melodies that swirl into a vortex where the listener can just sit back and enjoy.

What puts this over the edge, constantly, is the insane contant drums. For only a second release from this young, Brotthogg have made their most professional statement so far. Totally enveloping. Totally intense.

Brotthogg are so heavy and steamrollering, that country compatriots DARK THRONE do the polka. – Rich Castle