Leave it up to the Germans to find a way to mix the rollicking elements of SODOM rhythms with what could be SILENT WINTER meets primo-ANTHRAX vocals, and this winning combination is off to the races in the form of SAVAGE BLOOD. And is that the uber-harmonies of neo-BRING ME THE HORIZON thrown in there sooo moodily? Nice! And, of course, it wouldn’t be a German metal release without a nod to Kai Hansen and HELLOWEEN. And last but not least is the JUDAS PRIEST sensibilities on the title track, “Downfall”. And all that, lol, is just the opening track! 2nd track, “Release The Beast” has a Nu-Metal-ness to it without being quiche or overly macho. Do you know who Visigoth is and Manilla Road? I just namedropped to TRUE METAL bands and that is what we have here. … The drums bang and blast away and, honestly, I haven’t had this much fun playing an album in yonks! lol. I ain’t gonna go song for song, because “Downfall” is simply an album you need to purchase! I will tell you my persoinal favorite is “Guardian Angel”. The guitar harmonies against staccato rhythm guitars are heaven! Feast on Metal: Get this. – Rich Castle