My Infinite Kingdom – Ecstasies Over Dreaming Lady

My Infinite Kingdom – ‘Ecstasies Over Dreaming Lady’ (No Colours Records) A MID 1990’s cult of darkness Classic album

My Infinite Kingdom - Ecstasies Over Dreaming LadyOne of the heaviest bands ever that has darkly graced the underground with an album is M.I.K. Ac/Dc and Mercyful Fate meets Burzum or Abigor.

M.I.K. have the true feel of what he underground should feel like.

It should feel like the darkness.

The witches, demons, the tension, the whispering hold court over the dirtiest, coolest fuzzed up electric guitar sound this side of hell.

‘Ecstasies over’ is for the fan of the best underground Pure Black Metal.

M.I.K. are not as raw and primal as Celtic Frost and the keyboard overlays take things into the realm of mythical beasties.

The winged purple dragons and cawing ravens encircle your brain like a heavy toke of something good.

Ritualistic music if I ever heard it — only listening to Bathory’s Debut self-titled LP of 1984 can compare.

‘Fairylands of My Windhill’ is the track with the most dynamics.

‘Shading The Dark’ is the spookiest cut — the crashing cymbals and cascading keys offset the desperate cry of the vocals.

Being alone and cold and calling out; M.I.K. are atmospheric masters of the dark.

‘Dreams Of War’ makes you dream of those black and white images of pain and suffering that newspapers do so well.

‘Painland’ couldn’t possess a better title as it is gut wrenching in it’s narrow scope — totally claustrophobic in feel.

Finally, ‘The Circle Of Naked Rocks’ is barren and without the possibility of a pretty flower blooming.

‘Ecstasies’ is the perfect part of an hour to ponder if life is really worth living with all it’s lonesomeness.

‘Ecstasy is indeed a beautiful thing.

I feel the need to orgasm and enjoy the panspermic beauty of love juices mixing.

Opthalamia, Summoning, North, and Absu fans:  This one is for you. A freezing moon shines dimly over this Polish band’s memory.

The seriously without color, like death’s paleness is Germany’s one and only No Colours Records. I would check out this record label’s catalog for elite Black Metal albums of the purest hue.

‘I think about life even though death is close’  Quiz: What brilliant Black Metal Swede said these dreadfully exquisite words, and on what album? Answer will be put on this site at the end of April, 2011.

– Rich Castle

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