Beherit – Engram

Beherit – ‘Engram’ 2009 LP

Beherit - EngramBeherit own the distinction of being the weirdest Black Metal band to not enter through the narrow gate of this world.

Beherit started their bizarre sound experimentation early on in their career back in the 1990’s.

Whole pieces of music came out with the sonority of being contrived and plotted, perhaps with the malicious intent of making the listener nauseous or crazy.

It didn’t work on me, anyway.

Abruptum and ‘The True’ Mayhem are the kings of weird with Beherit coming in at number three on the oddball pole. 2009 rolls around and Beherit are doing straight, balls out Black Metal that still has deep spoken trance vocal parts in places.

So, you see, the weirdness has now been worked solidly into the Blackened framework of each song.

Thanks to cheery numbers on ‘Engram’ like ‘Pagan Moon’, the verdict has arrived: Beherit rulez.

Crunching towers of power chords mesh seamlessly with the carefully metered drums.

Gong effects come in after the five minute mark of this seven minute song. The song then gets completely quiet and a funereal atmosphere takes over.

‘Demon Advance’ – electric buzzsaws carve their way through hell. Venom’s overlooked ‘Resurrection’ LP comes to mind as well as the overlooked Black Metal stalwarts Barathrum’s ‘Legions Of Perkele’ LP from the dawn of the new century.

Barathrum also hail from Finland. ‘All In Satan’ – A buzzing inferno blurrs the guitarwork to make for one big scrapheap. Now this is the kind of heaviness absent from even the best Black Metal band’s albums.

Some Black Metal bands just aren’t heavy enough and they act like that’s okay.

‘Destroyer Of Thousand Worlds’ with it’s Bathory-alike song title, carves, splices and dices out more of great precision blackness.

‘Pimeyden Henki’ – true Norsk Blackness gets an ice cold chilling play up by these Finnish masters.

‘Axiom Heroine’ – Awesome and brilliant Black Metal again. Keyboards that could have, but don’t, come from out of ‘Light My Fire’ by the Doors, work perfectly.

Beherit are simply masters of breaking the ghouldom rule: Thou shalt not.

– Rich Castle