Lushlife CSLSX – Ritualize

Lushlife CSLSX - RitualizeFew things in life are as fun and downright enjoyable as Lushlife. The perfect name for this band that dazzles with each crisp, distinct original number that they do. Of particular greatness is the keyboard-empowered “Incantation”. “Undress Me In The Temple”/”Body Double” is another track off “Ritualize” that seethes and rolls along, seductively  — (come to think of it, even the album title is instantly descriptive of all the fun tunes that Lushlife have on offer!)

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is HQ for this keyboard-centric act. Experimental Hip-Hop and Rap with a pulsing, wall-of-sound motif is Lushlife’s calling card. The thoroughly modern hi-jinx continue with “Toynbee Suite”. Lushlife have a winning formula that combines fearless, offbeatly-composed musical shapes with futuristic rhythms that boldly prance and dance on the listener’s brain crevices.

“Totally Mutual Feeling”, though, is definitely my favorite. It is “Ritualize”‘s opening track. The choice of chord shapes are full-bodied and extremely otherworldly; yet at the same time remarkably sedate.

I just keep shaking my head that a musical act can make Hip-Hop and Rap so palatable to the average music head who may not even like those musical sub-genres. Like myself.

– Rich Castle