Extreme Metal Radio From Around The World for 6-27-11

What’s on the airwaves?

1. Sabaton – ‘Primo Victoria‘ – distinctive
gruff, classy vox and poignant lyrics.

Acrassicauda for extreme Metal Cauldron for Heavy Metal and now Sabaton for grade A Power Metal as the newest and most original, best bands to have made themselves known as of June 2011.

Namedroppin’: Black SabbathSabbat UKSabbat Japan and now Sabaton.
Oh yeah.

Stratovarius – ‘Legions‘ – ‘faster than light higher than the sky never give up
never give in.

Close yours eyes and picture this:

Imagine Metallica as the coolest Power Metallers around as Kirk Hamster
gets to it after hanging out with Marty Friedman.

Add those super winning lyric lines that I have written down and you
have approximated Stratovarius.

Pathogen – ‘Tyranny of Hatred’ – from the 2005 ‘Bloodline‘ LP. A steamroller train of grooving Death Power that chugggs along with authority and certainty.

The drumlord on the drumstool please stand up and take a bow, please.

As exciting and menacing as the first 3 albums from Gene Hoglan and Dark Angel.

This band ceased to exist as of January, 2011. Sad, but maybe they’ll regroup one day.

4. Black Sabbath – ‘Smoke On The Water’ live.

With Ian Gillan and recorded during the ‘Born Again‘ 1983 tour.

Iommi can’t do Blackmore and vice versa.

Diamond Dave of Van Halen got his screamy yelp straight from Sab/Purple
voxist Ian Gillan.

Born Again‘ has been re-issued as a double disc set that contains a 1983
Live at Reading‘ disc.

It was 30 years ago and still no one is heavier than Black Sabbath/Iommi/
Heaven & Hell and whatever they’ll be called next.

Maybe the next one will be all new songs with Ozzy.

Hey, I can dream.

– Rich Castle

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