Death Scream salutes Death FM (Part I)

Death Scream salutes Death FM (Part I)

Death FM is a great radio station and I was able to record an entire eight hour overnight broadcast thanks to Tune-In Radio which I got through the iTunes store a while back.
From 9:11pm till the dawn arrived there was many a great death, black, and thrash metal band, both old and new, to listen to.

I started listening again the next day.

Some highlights from my listening sessions made on both the evening of June 28-29, 2011 and afternoon June 29, 2011 include:

1.  Hellveto –  ‘966 – Krucjata’

This Polish Deathly Dark unit holds an imagination that flows like a wellspring, album after album – sometimes twice a year, cascading along for the world’s perusal.

Atmospheric and very likable.

Hellveto‘s logo, upon a passing glance, brings Austria’s Summoning to mind.

2.  Darkthrone – ‘Circle The Wagons – Stylized Corpse’

Put K.K. Downing and Glenn Tipton, of course the guitar players in Judas Priest, in a cold meat locker overnight and this would be what they might play after they thaw out.

This is Darkthrone‘s in-case-you-were-not-paying-attention-to-us-you-don’t-know-what-you’ve-been-missing material, recorded for the album before the most recent one.

3.  Asunder – did one of Thergothon‘s songs as part of a tribute Double CD to the
Finnish Doom Death institution. Done in reverent worship, drenched in reverb, and stinging with overdriven geetar feedback.


This Oakland, California Death squad gave up the ghost shortly after this recording.

They left behind two full-length LPs in their wake.

4.  Devourer – ‘Hematodipsia’ – This and two other songs make up the 2005 ‘Devouring Guts‘ EP by this Disgorge-engorged Mexican Grindcore quintet.

5.  Ulcerate – ‘Everything Is Fire’
The last track on these straight out
Death-entrenched New Zealanders’ 2nd LP of the same name.

6.  Skinless – ‘Trample The Weak, Hurdle The Dead’
Ultra Brutal Death Metal played with a take-no-prisoners approach.

7.  Death – ‘Primitive Ways’ from the 1989 second Death LP studio opus.
Death and Thrash were once synonymous with each other.

8.  Estatic Fear – ‘Somnium Obmutum’ – Part 2 – This song is actually a little over 32 minutes long on the 1996 Estatic Fear, ‘Somnium Obmutum‘, debut LP.

Playing only a 7 minutes and 34 seconds version of these Upper Austrian Symphonic Black Doom Death nether-legends’ grand opus kind of cheesed me off as I know that Death FM should have played this somber tune in it’s entirety.

Inner sanctum never had a better soundtrack than what Estatic Fear gives it.

As I was typing this tonight on my iPhone, outside near where I live, a big spider just came and scared the crap out of me by jumping on the screen!

I was about to tell you how special this first of two Estatic Fear albums was; for you see this band became a one-man project by their second album in 1999 and lost most of their melancholy magic in the process.

‘Somnium Obmutum‘, the album, is the true meaning of Cult Heavy Metal.

It just doesn’t get any darker.

9.  Estatic Fear –  ‘Ode To Solitude’ – Part 1 – I checked the recordings I made and lo and behold, there is another Estatic Fear track.

This song closes out the previously mentioned, in this article, ‘Somnium Obmutum‘ LP with a frozen Blackened Death formaldehyded feel unlike that of any other band, bar none.

The only problem again lies with Death FM chopping off about 10 minutes from this monumental tune that only makes sense as a composite whole.

One of the top ten Extreme Metal tracks, at least according to Death Scream, of all time. It deserves to be heard in full.

And it’s high time for all of you to hunt down Estatic Fear’s ‘Somnium Obmutum‘ CD, or vinyl, masterpiece.

Those who already have this baby in their collection know it’s power.

10.  Prostitute Disfigurement – ‘The Corpse Garden’

Taken from the 2005 album ‘Left In Grisly Death‘ LP which is the third of four
full length, studio albums to date by this gruesome and gutteral Gorecore three piece.

If you dig the band Poppy Seed Grinder you should like the music of Prostitute Disfigurement, also.

– Rich Castle

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