Death Scream Presents: Lost Classics – Order From Chaos – An Ending In Fire

Order From Chaos - An Ending In FireOrder From Chaos – ‘An Ending In Fire’ – 1998 LP

Order From Chaos existed for their whole shelf life on the tiny American record label, Wild Rags Records.

The band began life as a brainier, brawnier breed of Black Metal that verged on what would one day become War Metal. I am not talking about swords and sorcery, nor am I talking about the Viking battle lust type of Metal.

Order From Chaos dealt with warfare on the super grand scale as in Armageddon, itself.

One of the good things that Wild Rags did was prop up band’s career-beginning demo tapes to be colorful releases in their own right.

Order From Chaos and Warhammer are the best examples of prototype War Metallers of the 1990s which was right before we got the real McKoy with Angelcorpse, War, Conqueror, and others.

Split into three sections with the first section entitled ‘Conqueror Of Fear‘ being the most staid apocalyptic cut on the album.

The whole song, which is cut number one on ‘An Ending In Fire‘ reads lyrically like a swallowed thesaurus.

I. ‘Conqueror of Fear’
I. ‘Dawn Bringer Invictus’,
Apotheosis: The Litany of Storms
II. ‘Tenebrae’,
Oracle: Gnosis Spermatikos
III. ‘The Sign Draconis’,
Epilogue: The Deluge
IV. ‘Plateau Of Invincibility’,
Deliverance: Undying Promethean Dawn
V. ‘The Angry Red Planet’,
Frozen in Steel: Ares

Frantic pacings and crossfiring Metallic starts and stops frame this
expansive blackened work.

Sometimes the drum patterns are complex and often intentionally hurried.

The second phase of ‘An Ending In Fire‘ begins with song

2. ‘There Lies Your Lord, father Of Victories

Finally, we have part three with the magnanimous worded

3. ‘Somnium helios’
I. ‘Nucleosynthesis
II. ‘Destella Nova’
III. ‘An Ending In Fire’

This track which produces the title cut within it’s seams blares and screeches and beats itself into a frenzy for a culmination.

If you want Black Metal angst in a tough as steel container; you will love ‘Nucleosynthesis‘ as it leads into the endtime hysteria of ‘De Stella Nova‘.

Order From Chaos are so far ahead of other Extreme Metal bands that they make you feel the fading power of a dying star.

Order From Chaos morphed into Angelcorpse and never captured their
Seiges Even – gone – Black Metal era ever again.

The last and most off-the-radar release of Order From Chaos.

A band that I truly miss.

Who captures imagery as well as this album?

O.F.C., as some called ’em, had grandiose ideas that they could actually manifest in a decent length formulae.

– Rich Castle

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