Dead of Night Featuring Shadows Fall, Ex-Unearth Members: New Demo Song Posted Online

“Wasted Life”, a new demo song from DEAD OF NIGHT, the band featuring SHADOWS FALL guitarists Matt Bachand and Jon Donais along with former members of UNEARTH and SEEMLESS, can be streamed in the YouTube clip below.

Combining modern hard rock and metal with powerful vocals, huge driving guitars, and a massive rhythm section, DEAD OF NIGHT is poised to destroy the current stale world of rock. With a strong focus on the melodic elements of the Eighties, the dark harmonies of the Nineties and a new modern twist, Bachand, Donais, Derek Kerswill (UNEARTH, SEEMLESS, KINGDOM OF SORROW), Jeff Fultz (SEEMLESS) and Jason Witte (GOADED) have teamed up to deliver a familiar, but original sound.

After completing a five-song demo in late 2010, DEAD OF NIGHT set out to find a singer who could take the songs to the next level. In stepped Arizona native Jason Witte, whose previous band GOADED featured former members of DIO, Tracy G. and Larry “Bones” Dennison, and current KORN drummer, Ray Luzier. After a few weeks and a flight out to Massachusetts, it was clear that he was up to the task. The new tracks were recorded mostly in each member’s home-studio and then sent to Chris “Zeuss” Harris (HATEBREED, SHADOWS FALL) for mixing.

“There are too many bands out there with one radio-friendly song and nine throwaways just to fill up an album,” says Jason. “We want our audience to be blown away with each and every song.”


Jason Witte (ex-GOADED) – Vocals
Matt Bachand (SHADOWS FALL) – Guitar
Jon Donais (SHADOWS FALL) – Guitar
Jeff Fultz (ex-SEEMLESS) – Bass
Derek Kerswill (ex-UNEARTH, SEEMLESS) – Drums

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“Wasted Life” audio stream:

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