13 – Overclocked

13 - Overclocked13, who may be out to get their collective pickle sucked (listen to “Vroom Vroom” – a favorite of those who go to their ReverbNation page), may just have this happen big-time when their new album “Overclocked” drops.

From the ultra-ghettoized Bronx County of New York City, 13 are master hoodlums who can rock the mike like the best of them: i.e. Emimen, 50 Cent, YelaWolf.

13’s “Remember Me” album, from 2013, sparked a cathartic fervor amongst Rap/Hip Hop fans. Many people who like Hip Hop and Rap, who had never bought albums in the past, actually went mad crazy for it.

The same thing (and more) is bound to happen the Bronx biggies’ upcoming “Overclocked”.

13 are easily likable and definitely a load of fun!

– Rich Castle