SHARON OSBOURNE: ‘I Have To Face Up, Be A Big Woman And Realize I’m Not Mrs. Wonderful’

Ozzy Osbourne’s wife/manager Sharon discussed the reasons behind their huge unpaid tax bill and took responsibility for the debt, saying “I’m to blame.”

It was reported earlier in the month that the IRS placed a lien on the house belonging to Sharon and Ozzy — who reportedly owed $718,948 from 2008 and $1.024 million from 2009.

Speaking about the debt on “The Talk” (see video below), the daytime U.S. television show on which she appears as a panelist, Osbourne admitted she had failed to take care of her family business.

“The last couple of years, I have really been concentrating on myself — because I think I love myself a little bit too much — and not taking care of business,’ she said.

“I get a phone call from [gossip web site] TMZ telling me there’s a lien on my house and I’m like ‘Oh dear. I’d better call my accountant.’

“He goes ‘I didn’t know that. Is there?’ I’m like, ‘Well, if you don’t know, who the hell is going to know?’

“I got really upset with my accountant, and then I sat back and I thought ‘If I’m not invested in my money, or my kids’ money, or my husband’s money, why should he?’

“He did say he’s to blame, but I’m to blame because I didn’t care enough. I was too involved in myself. I canceled two meetings with him over the last 18 months because I was way too busy. And the bottom line is, it stops with me. So I have to face up, be a big woman and realize I’m not Mrs. Wonderful.

“So it’s done and dealt with and I can’t say ‘it was that person, it was that person, it wasn’t me.’ The buck stops with me, so here I am.”

Sharon had a tax lien issue in 2009 when she owed $23,000 to the State of California for the 2007 tax year.

Ozzy and Sharon recently listed their Malibu beach house on the market for $10 million.

The 4,500-square-foot, three-story oceanfront residence has five bedrooms and five bathrooms, along with a library, office, hot tub, walk-in closets and a backyard with a view of the Pacific Ocean.

The couple bought the house in March of 2003 for $5.1 million and first placed it on the market in 2006 for $14 million, with the place going on and off sale several times since then.

It’s also available for rent starting at $40,000 per month.

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