SEPTIC MUTAGEN – Collosal Predatory Anthropod Invasion – 2014 EP

SEPTIC MUTAGEN causes cryptic typographical errors and other ghastly errors. Cap’n Crunch or Cap’n Janeway are too blame a lot for even being mentioned in an article about Aussie Death. Where is bloody AC/DC? And when the fook are they getting in the RRHoBloodyFame???

SCi FI DEATH METAL TO Make Richard Riddick Proud.

Australia. Now here’s a country with an interesting scene. HOBBS’ANGEL OF DEATH is    the father of Death Metal down there. MORTAL SIN had a heck of a tuneful thrash band. Scrolls of the Megilloth, defined the true meaning of Christian Australian Death Metal with Mortification, who made the album in the early ’90’s hitting pay dirt with the 2nd LP I t was not to be as dead boring as most all BENEDICTION albums. Or don’t HATE me, HATE too. And what ever it had to do with Christianity nobody questioned in the slightest as it wasn’t slithering and screaming like TOURNIQUET or BELIEVER tinfoil recorded output.

The wonderful legendary ANGEL RETARD crashed and burned with some thrashing demo in 2004. That sets the stage, perfectly, then…

10 years later SEPTIC MUTAGEN trundles out a studio EP. Set Phasers To Stun, does just that asc  the  title  track features the drums-of-thousands-of-dribbling-basketballs to great effect. Cap’n Crunchy Kirk in this SEPTIC cacophony works like an Enterprise full of tattooed tribbles.

Equally as good at offending the pig squeamish kind of listener, a la POPPY SEED GRINDER & mulching  ASPHYX and  AUTOPSYs of the world. Insanely clear and powerful production. Drums that can’t be real   and   personally who cares if a herd of bong-hitting octopus are manning the skins. Bass playing not so spot on and careful since BOLT THROWER’s Jo Bench rallied the DM throngs for “The Fourth Crusade”.

Insanely good. Captain Kirk has to say “Stand by to receive our transmission”. He is as out of place as the Gamesters of Triskelion at a Yoga class. But it breaks up the machine gun attack of the ‘MUTAGEN, like “are you listening, are you sure!?!

Brain erosion from Dubbo (where dat?), New South Wales in Australia. SEPTIC MUTAGEN is science-fiction subject matter put to Brutal Death Metal by the one man band of Tim Read. Escapist and layered with practical Dune sandblasts and Farscape towering monolithic slabs of supernaut FROST dreams meets CIANIDE played with finesse and creativeness on guitar. I am very very impressed.

Grinding and incendiary and an album that is sure to be blasting away my brain while I miss important phone calls.

Good. This is genius.

Really.    now   ….a    full   album Mr. Read?

– Rich Castle