REVIEW: UFO – Seven Deadly

I won’t take another opportunity to mention how underrated UFO is in the history of hard rock and how you should totally check them out, unless I do it in some sort of back-handed, surreptitious manner. Instead, I’ll just assume that you’re already aware of the fact that this band released some great music back in the day, and you probably even know that they’re still going mostly strong, albeit long without guitar wunderkind Michael Schenker (who left in the late 70s, returned briefly in the 90s, and was replaced by Vinnie Moore thereafter). You probably even realize that they’re now without founding rock-star bassist Pete Way, who departed a few years back for health reasons. (Way’s spot has yet to be officially filled.) So, yeah, you know all that – but what you don’t know yet is that, after coming off the respectable The Monkey Puzzle with the relatively lackluster The Visitor a few years back, the band is once again musically on track. Seven Deadly rocks like sin, it’s true, and it proves that, forty-plus years after they first took flight, the guys in UFO can still bring the goods.

Seven Deadly hits the ground running with the classic-sounding riff…

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