REVIEW: Christian Mistress – Possession

This review has been kicking my ass for weeks now. Not entirely unheard of, to be sure, but this time around it’s proved a pretty damnable little dilemma because I know exactly how I feel about this new Christian Mistress album. I love it. I love it to little bitty pieces. If I was a four-year old, I would build a makeshift cage for Possession in my bedroom and feed it and hug it and sing it songs and probably accidentally kill it by forgetting to give it enough water but I would love it so hard in that perfect way that only children can love things.

You see, the problem is that every time I sit down and attempt to jumble a few of my words into gaudy and overblown sentences about this Christian Mistress record, I just end up getting that glazed-over look like I’ve sat in something warm but decided that I like it. You might call it the…

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