Power Metal Roundup – Power Metal On The Radio

Power Metal Roundup – Power Metal On The Radio

Almah prove that good heavy metal songs are still written.

The vocals of a true singer. Killer crisp, cleanly played guitar with a barrel of chops in tow.

Almah is Brazilian Power Prog Heavy Metal.

Edguy – ‘Tinnitus Sanctus’

8 albums to sow the masterseed of Power Metal.

Paradox.  The strength of power thrash
on ‘bridge of silence’. I would listen carefully to the lead guitarist.

Revolution Renaissance – ‘keep the flame alive’

A stark, moving native american flute provides the seering impetus for Michael Kiske (Helloween anybody?) who does a heartfelt vocal melody that is referenced easily: Check Candlemass‘ very first album from 1986 – ‘epicus doomicus metalicus‘.

grave digger – the clans will rise again – 15 somesuch albums and the title track of this 2010 album stokes a brassy fire.

With stylemates Running Wild having issued their ‘Final Jolly Roger‘ official ‘live’ sign-off, the current moves that these germans make will be of extreme importance.

Grave Digger are from the Rage, Accept, Warlock, Cutty Sark old school
Germanic speedy Heavy Metal scene.

queensryche – ‘If I could change it all’ – An overlooked Gothic Metal track by the men who delivered ‘the lady wore black’ and gave Gothica it’s anthem

candlemass – ‘tot’ – from the 13th sun
Candlemass put this out to a blase, muted response as the late ’90’s turned out to not be the best climate to be a Heavy Metal band not easily categorized.

The effects-laden production values were far and away from what the fans wanted from Candlemass.

– Rich Castle

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