Nucleator – Home Is Where War Is

Nucleator are going to surprise a lot of people. Their 44 minute debut album is firing on all cylinders, with the 2009 “Nuclear War” EP making for a must-get debut, diving board to show off their teutonic Death Metal hipness — and prepare the world for this “unknown masterpiece” as a Metal Archives website reviewer points out and rightfully so.

Case in point: Their war metal has the OTT commanding vocals present on the earliest of Obituary classics —  John Tardy, vox — combined with the coolness of Sacrifice from Canada’s Rob Urbanati around the time of “Forward To Termination”.

The lead guitar solos lift you up out of your seat, to sit you up and shock you with their prowess. An immense lift that comes with Bolt Thrower-isms, to boot.

Excellent. I am supremely chuffed!

It has been years since pure Death Metal has had a clear champion. Yet being on Human To Dust records has meant that the band has dwelled in obscurity. The quintet of lead vocalist, two guitars, bass, and mighty fine drummer have already relegated this band to a “split-up” status, unfortunately. Yet, consider the masterpieces that remain the two album career of powerhouse Estatic Fear, per se.

So it doesn’t diminish the thrill of picking up this quality album. This has a smidgen of  DarkThrone’s 1st album in there, also. Very cool.

– Rich Castle