WHITESNAKE/ex-DEEP PURPLE frontman David Coverdale recently told VH1 Radio Networks’ Dave Basner that he would reunite with his former DEEP PURPLE bandmates Jon Lord (keyboards), Ian Paice (drums), Ritchie Blackmore (guitar) and Glenn Hughes (bass, vocals) for the right opportunity, like a benefit concert.

When VH1 Radio Networks spoke to Hughes last week, he said he’d be up for a DEEP PURPLE Mk. III reunion, too, and explained why. “Yeah, absolutely, for the simple task of this purpose: When I was in the band in the ’70s, let’s just say I joined the band a very bright-eyed and bushy-tailed Northern chap like David and I left the band, very sort of, let’s just say I was overserved at the bar,” he said. “And I’ve made my amends with everybody but I’d like to have a jam with the guys again as a sober man and somebody who knows how to deal with his life on a daily basis. That’s the way I’d like to do it.”

Hughes revealed there is another reason he wants to reunite.

“And the fans,” he said. “I think PURPLE Mk. III is the last reunion of the iconic bands from the ’70s. You know, THE WHO have come back and even ZEPPELIN did one show. So Mk. III would be a huge… for the fans it would be monumental. And you know, I like to please the fans, they’ve been great.”

So what’s the hold-up? It turns out Glenn has tried before to get the band together to no avail.

“It all depends on if we can get Ritchie to the table and I’m not sure if that’s possible. But David and I, we chew the fat over it from time to time. We had a big thing about four years ago where we tried to put it together but we couldn’t get everybody to the table and we didn’t want to have that weight on our shoulders, it’s just too big of a weight. And there’s lots of people involved and lots of employment and stuff so we just decided we’d move on because we were spending a lot of time trying to get it together and it didn’t sort of pan out.”

Former DEEP PURPLE keyboardist Jon Lord told U.K.’s Classic Rock magazine last fall that he can’t ever see a reunion of PURPLE’s Mk. III lineup.

“I think it’s a dream too far,” Lord said. “I know a lot of people would like it to happen, but it would have to have Ian Paice involved, and right now he’s committed to the current PURPLE lineup. And I know they are planning a new studio album, as well as more touring.”

He added, “I got an email from David recently, and it seems Glenn and Ritchie might be into it, although I don’t know how Glenn feels now, with BLACK COUNTRY COMMUNION happening.

“Yes, I would love to play with Ritchie again, but don’t read anything into that as far as Mk. III is concerned.

“I must admit I’d also have a concern or two about David’s voice.”

Coverdale and Hughes joined DEEP PURPLE in 1973 to create the band’s Mk. III lineup, though co-founding member and guitarist Ritchie Blackmore left in 1975, to be replaced by Tommy Bolin.

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