EX DEO: ‘Caligvla’ Release Date Announced

KATAKLYSM frontman Maurizio Iacono‘s Ancient Roman-themed arsenal EX DEO will release its sophomore album, “Caligvla”, on August 31 via Austria’s Napalm Records. The CD is being recorded with producer Jean-François Dagenais (KATAKLYSM, MALEVOLENT CREATION, MISERY INDEX, DESPISED ICON) and will feature guest appearances by Italian singer Mariangela “Mary” Demurtas of Norway’s TRISTANIA and Italian guitar virtuoso Francesco Artusato from ALL SHALL PERISH. The artwork and layout for the album will be handled by classic artist Seth (SEPTICFLESH). Songtitles set to appear on the CD include “I, Caligula”, “Burned to Serve the Nocturnal Light”, “In War & Conquest/Roma Caput Mundi” and “Teutoburg (The Ambush of Varus) – Part 1”.

Iacono recently completed laying down vocals for “Caligvla”. He said in a Facebook posting, “It wasn’t without any hard work, blood and sweat and also close to a fainting spell after one of the hardest-longest screams I ever made. Ten days of vocal tracking, some of…

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