ANTHRAX, MEGADETH Members Talk About Possibility Of More ‘Big Four’ Shows (Video)

Following last month’s first U.S. “Big Four” concert in Indio, California on April 23, a second U.S. show featuring METALLICA, SLAYER, MEGADETH and ANTHRAX has been confirmed for September 14 at the new version of the legendary Yankee Stadium in the Bronx, New York City. Tickets for the show go on sale this Friday (May 6) at 10:00 a.m. through Ticketmaster. METALLICA fan club members and Yankees season ticket holders will have their own pre-sales on Wednesday (May 4).

Artisan News Service spoke to ANTHRAX guitarist Scott Ian and MEGADETH bassist Dave Ellefson about the possibility of the tour hitting other parts of the world during the coming months.

Ian: “Once it was announced last summer in Europe, the whole world was clamoring for the ‘Big Four.’ So we’ll get there. [Laughs] That’s the best thing I can say. This is a really big piece of furniture to move around, with all four bands all the logistics and schedules and all that. So we all wanna do it — all 17 guys in these four bands wanna continue doing these shows — and I think that’s the impetus that will make this happen more because we all wanna do it.”

Ellefson: “We’ve got South America screaming at us and Australia and fans all around the world saying, ‘Please come to our country.’ So I think we have a lot of territory in front of us. Hopefully we’ll just carry on and the good will will continue.”

METALLICA drummer Lars Ulrich told after the Indio show that an East Coast date was coming, along with possible gigs in the South and Midwest, although he doubted a full tour would happen.

The all-day event in Indio featured the so-called “big four” bands of the Eighties thrash metal scene performing together on a U.S. stage for the first time ever in their 30-year careers.

A series of similar shows last summer in Europe was wildly popular, leading to demand for a U.S. version. The “Big Four” package will also head back to Europe this July.

All four bands were presented with awards for sales of a hundred thousand copies of a “Big Four” live DVD which was released late last year.

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