Acranius — “Dishonor” 2014 LP (Rising Nemesis Records)


Acranius - Dishonor album cover used for D.S.
Acranius have left the Slam, and the old line-up behind.

The Brutal Death Metal of Acranius, from Germany — Rostock, Mecklenburg–Vorpommern, is back! Following  up, “When Mutilation Becomes Homicidal”, from 2013, “Dishonor” is the sophomore full-length studio LP from these Deathsters, who formed in 2009. The artwork by Daemorph Evil Art is suitable for the genre, and actually quite stunning.

Coprocephalic, Ingested, Epicardiectomy,  and Suffocation fans — take heed. Though, don’t expect a clone of the debut album. Armed with a new vocalist and drummer, the band have wisely chosen to oust the breakdowns in favor of straight-forward pummeling.

The pace is fast, and there is some excellent double bass. “Purveyors of Barbarity”, “Zero Tolerance”, and “Frenetic Aggression”, even with the subject matter implied by the song titles, that give potential listeners a bit of a glimpse into the slight dollop of Hardcore tendencies one will encounter on this second go-’round with Acranius. Also the total time of the LP coming in at 34:39 min./sec.,  is indicative of this.

It is also a neat plus, in this day of very long albums, to make a short kind of album, especially when the band in question is not quite that well known.

Germany’s Death Metal leaders, Blood and Fleshcrawl have not made new studio LPs since 2003 and 2007, respectively. So there’s room at the top.

The classic, Death Metal influences of country mates —  Morgoth and Atrocity, are most prevalent in the music of Acranius.

Acranius, with “Dishonor”, have been a new spin on a classic format. Acranius bring to mind, the aforementioned, Morgoth and their humble beginnings on the first few releases that the band put out.

A dependable band, Acranius could well become. That all-important third album for a band, is often times very crucial.

– Rich Casale