Vomitous – “Empires Of Great Enslavement” 2013

Vomitous - Empires Of Great EnslavementBrutal Death Metal from Sweden.

With an album cover depicting a landscape that fictional, tough guy/Sci-fi movie character Richard B. Riddick might be right at home on, comes Vomitous with another vicious, ’bout quarter of an hour, bout of ear bullying.

Yet the production quality is up to snuff, and the material slams to make thy head bang something silly. Vomitous keep it powerful and classy for those into powerfully extreme Heavy Metal. Towering onslaughts of guitar riffery wash over the listener with the band in perfect lockstep when things slow down or speed up.

Upon the EP’s conclusion, after 15 minutes, you will repeat this great empirical enslavement experience because it went by enjoyably fast and left you on the edge of your seat wanting more.

There is more.

In 2010 Vomitous came out with “Surgical Abominations Of Disfigurement”. It is just bit shorter than Empires. It is a letdown only because the band have matured into a killer unit  in 2013. Yet there is detuned riffing encounters of the amazing kind to be had. The band started up back in 2001 and would take over half a decade to get it together on a recording. That’s a good thing. Splits and singles have preceeded these two EPs as Vomitous build up their discography and their following. And if you read a blasé review, don’t believe it.

– Rich Castle