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#21 – Esoteric




Known to their fans as Great Britain’s ‘True Masters of Funeral Doom’; from 1994’s ‘Epistemological Despondency’ debut Lp to their 5th album…   Read More

#22 – Chicken Destroy
Chicken Destroy




What happens when a band can’t play their instruments and play too fast, scream way too stupidly and then…   Read More

#23 – S.A. Slayer
S A Slayer




At around the same time that Slayer released their first strike with ‘Show No Mercy’ whereabouts 1983, a band by the name of San Antonio Slayer would miss the boat completely…   Read More

#24 – Slipknot




From Des Moines, Iowa; no worst Heavy Metal bands list is complete without the inclusion of Slipknot…   Read More

#25 – Original Sin
Original Sin




Danielle Draconis provided the lead vocals on this band’s ‘Sin Will Find You Out’ album released in 1986…   Read More

#26 – Trapeze




A proto Heavy Metal hard rocking band, from the U.K., that formed in  1969 and featured Bob Kendrick and Pete Wright on guitars…   Read More

#27 – Reverend Bizarre
Reverend Bizarre




The press release from these Spinefarm Records recording artists read: ‘No longer mourn for me when I am dead’- William Shakespeare. The reverend is dead. Long live the reverend…   Read More

#28 – Bongripper




Doom Metal from Chicago, Illinois, that is the most absurd musical outfit to bow down at the mighty Black Sabbath altar of Tony, Ozzy, Geezer and Bill, ever…   Read More

#29 – Infern0kse
Lady Gaga Without Makeup?




Is that Lady Gaga without makeup on the cover of Dark Delicious by the creators of Dark Psy?…   Read More

#30 – Lucifer’s Friend
Lucifers Friend




If you want to listen to pure unadulterated Heavy Metal with all the trimmings that obscurity and unlistenability brings it; then I recommend you buy an album by Lucifer’s Friend…   Read More

The Top 50 Worst Heavy Metal Bands Of All Time – #31-40