Svartsot Posts Studio Update

Svartsot has checked in from Lasse Lammert’s LSD Studios with the following report about the band recording a new album:

“Day 7: Rhythm parts finally completed. Some guitars were also re-amped. Time to celebrate a bit before concentrating on the bass parts. Then going on with the more melodic elements of the album. A few beers were drunk to celebrate.

“Day 8: Bass recording commenced today. Looks like it’s a walk in the park for James. He’s playing really tight. It’s just been heads down work today, apart from the huge wiener-schnitzels we had for lunch and the numerous cups of tea James claims he needed.

“Day 9: All acoustic and electric bass was completed today. James decided to make a pie in celebration. He couldn’t find something big enough to make one pie in, though, so he made 2 instead. We should be starting on lead guitars tomorrow.

“Day 10: After accidentally going to town last night, and consuming an extreme amount of beer, we had a late start today. Cris decided to concentrate on three of the less complicated songs, and managed to nail them.