STEEL ASSASSIN: ‘WWII: Metal Of Honor’ Artwork Unveiled

Massachusetts metallers STEEL ASSASSIN have unveiled the cover artwork of their long-awaited sophomore album, “WWII: Metal Of Honor”, tentatively due this spring

Guitarist Kevin Curran put a lot of effort into researching the concept for the new CD. He explains, “I did quite a bit of reading, and did the research on selected subjects. I’ve always had a strong interest in World War II, and have a good collection of books on the subject. Some of the books I read were ‘Guadalcanal Diary’ by Richard Tregaskis and ‘Four Stars of Hell’ by Laurence Critchell, to name a couple.”

He adds, “The angle is that we attempted to tell a few different stories and cover some of the key theaters of operation. It is so vast a subject that we couldn’t possibly cover all of it. For example, we had a…

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