SEVENDUST Members To Release CALL ME NO ONE Debut In June

CALL ME NO ONE, the new project featuring SEVENDUST members Clint Lowery (guitar) and Morgan Rose (drums), will release its debut album, “Last Parade”, on June 5. The CD’s first single, “Biggest Fan”, will arrive next month.

In a recent interview with Zoiks! Online, Clint stated about CALL ME NO ONE‘s upcoming debut, “It’s not really a heavy record, but it’s not a light record like the HDMS (HELLO DEMONS MEET SKELETONS) stuff I do. It’s somewhere in the middle. Some of the songs are pretty progressive, some of the songs are just rock. It all has a dark spooky twist to it; kind of NINE INCH NAILS meets FOO FIGHTERS.”

When asked how the project came about, Clint said, “Morgan and I just, for years, loved talking about different directions and things we couldn’t do in SEVENDUST. I hate to say it like this, but there is a ceiling with what we can do as SEVENDUST. We’ve done so many…

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