Sarke: ‘Oldarhian’ release party to be held in Oslo

Sarke , the Norwegian band featuring Sarke (real name: Thomas Bergli ; Khold , Tulus , Old Man’s Child , Sensa Anima ) and Nocturno Culto ( Darkthrone ), will hold a release party for its sophomore album, “Oldarhian” , on April 19 at John Dee in Oslo, Norway with special guest Insidious Disease .

“Oldarhian” is scheduled for release on April 15 via Indie Recordings .

In 2009, Bergli joined forces with Nocturno Culto and Anders Hunstad ( El Caco , Autopulver ) on keyboards to release the debut Sarke album called “Vorunah” . It was a mesmerizing journey through dark and soothing soundscapes, musically inspired by the legends like Mayhem , Slayer , Darkthrone , Celtic Frost , Black Sabbath , Candlemass , Death , Mot