RICH CASTLE PRESENTS: Manilla Road Interview

Manilla Road Interview

Pre-show interview – 2014 World Tour Ending Gig in New York City on Sunday, November 23rd 2014 @ Saint Vitus Bar venue in Brooklyn.

Manilla Road are Epic/Fantasy Metal superstar veterans of circa 16 studio albums since 1980.

Frontman Bryan Patrick starts off the answers for Manilla Road and is soon joined by the gruff-voiced Mark “The Shark” Shelton.

Andreas Neuderth, drummer, interjects with a soft- spoken German/(European) accent.

The gentlemen in the band are in extremely high spirits as the band is poised to be become bigger than ever as they ready their Friday the 13th, February 2015 double album release.

The new studio LP is to be called “The Blessed Curse”. Each release by Manilla Road is a feast for the eyes as their artwork is always breathtaking.

The upcoming album is supposed to be extra special; Manilla Road’s music is magical — Why wouldn’t it be?!? (Josh Castillo introduces himself to me briefly in the latter half of the roundtable discussion)

Manilla Road went on at about 10:30pm and one would think that they were slaying dragons as a side-hobby as the gig went down a storm.

– Rich Castle