Reactivated Malfeitor releases new song

Reactivated Swedish death metallers Malfeitor have issued the following update:

“17 years of waiting is finally over!

“ Malfeitor are finally working on new material for release during 2011!

“After Malfeitor split in 1994, [ Benny ] Moberg and [ Mattias ] Parkkila recently started Blood Mortized as an old-school Swedish death metal band, to recapture a small shade of Tomas Skogsberg ‘s famous Sunlight sound.

“In 2010, Moberg decided to leave the band and focus on the resuscitation of Malfeitor ! What we now will hear is a more intense, faster and brutal Malfeitor , which influences mainly come from big acts as Immolation and Deicide , but the music retains the Swedish influences, it is possible to discern a lot Ossdm in the material.

“ Malfeitor currently looking for labels who are interested in releasing the new material, otherwise the material will be released without a label!”