Mors Principium Est seeking new guitarists

Guitarists Tomy Laisto and Kalle Aaltonen have left Finnish melodic death metallers Mors Principium Est .

Commented the band: “If we still want to continue with Mors Principium Est , we need new guitar players.

“This is our Last try to make things happen.

“If it does not work this time, or we don’t find the right person/persons, then it’s game over for Mors Principium Est .

“So, if you are, or know somebody, who is at least 21 years old, willing and able to write and play death metal with melodies and also would like to be a part of the new Mors Principium Est , then send us an email.

“You Can Be From Anywhere. As long as you are eager and get something done, then you may be the one we are looking for. And we are looking for one or two players.

“Soo, if you have what it takes, send us an email and we will talk more.
[email protected].”

“And just to make things 100% clear: You can live, for example, in USA, Germany, Sweden, Australia, Finland or wherever.”

Mors Principium Est ‘s third album, “Liberation = Termination” , was released in February 2007 via Listenable Records