HELLYEAH Drummer Explains New Album Title (Video)

A short video clip of HELLYEAH/ex-PANTERA drummer Vinnie Paul Abbott talking to the Artisan News Service about the inspiration behind the title of HELLYEAH‘s forthcoming third album, “Band Of Brothers”, can be seen below.

Said Vinnie: “[‘Band Of Brothers’ is] basically about the road that we’ve been down to this point, to get to this record — changing record companies, being involved with our last record company, which has basically given up on rock music, the things that all of us have been through personally and how the music just really brought us together while we were making it.”

In addition to Vinnie Paul, HELLYEAH features Chad Gray and Greg Tribbett (MUDVAYNE), Tom Maxwell (NOTHINGFACE) and Bob “Zilla” Kakaha (DAMAGEPLAN).

“Band Of Brothers” will be released on…

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