Circle Takes The Square Posts Band And New Album Update Online

Circle Takes The Square has posted the following update online, detailing the progress of its forthcoming studio album “Decompositions Volume 1.”

“From the very beginning of the writing process, our mission statement was to comprehensively explore the musical themes that we were creating. We set out to build upon the stylistic foundation we had established with As the Roots Undo, but were determined to provide ourselves with the room to experiment, and try our hands at more repetition, variation and management of space in ways we hadn’t attempted before.

“We decided not to let song-length or other logistical limitations inhibit the sprawling arrangements we were crafting, and ventured to grant each individual idea within our multi-movement songs its own chance to meander and evolve: sometimes in linear ways, and sometimes within the framework of more traditional progressions.

“Our emphasis on fine-tuning, experimenting with, and expanding our approach to song structure enabled the creation of the three fully-arcing, musical story-lines that will make up Decompositions Volume I.”

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