Cattle Decapitation confirmed for San Francisco’s ‘Slaughter By The Water’ festival

San Diego extreme metallers Cattle Decapitation has been confirmed for
the second annual Slaughter By The Water festival, set to take place
June 25 at San Francisco, California’s Craneway Pavilion, the
45,000-square-foot faculty that floats on 25 breathtaking water front
acres with a 180-degree view of the entire Bay. Also scheduled to appear
are Autopsy , Whiplash , Zombie Holocaust , Vindicator , Dread and
Witchaven .

Tickets will go on sale March 25.

The first edition of Slaughter By The Water took place in April 2010 at
the Oakland Metro. The show was incredibly successful, with 900 thrash
metal fans in attendance from all over the Bay Area.

Via SMN News