Amberian Dawn Bringing Entire “End Of Eden” Album To The Rock Band Network

Amberian Dawn has issued the following announcement about the band’s entire “End of Eden” album coming to the Rock Band Network:

“We are happy to finally announce that our latest album End of Eden (2010) is coming to Rock Band Network. At first all songs are coming to Rock Band Network 2.0 for the Xbox360 and later they are possibly converted also for Playstation 3 and Nintendo Wii like many of our previous songs on Rock Band Network.

“Now, the Rock Band 3 has many new features such as vocal harmonies, pro keyboard charting, and pro drums. Also check all our current songs (16 songs from our 2 previous albums) available on the Rock Band Network.”

The “End Of Eden” album features the following tracks:

“Talisman” (3:41)
“Come Now Follow” (3:47)
“Arctica” (4:59)
“Ghostly Echoes” (5:44)
“Sampo” (3:12)
“Blackbird” (3:58)
“Field of Serpents” (3:39)
“City of Corruption” (4:20)
“Virvatulen Laulu” (3:46)
“War in Heaven” (7:24)