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#41 – Vectom

Rhymes with…





The scary looking guys on both of this band’s album covers, wearing their black Ku Klux Klan get ups…   Read More

#42 – The Godz
The Godz




The Godz have a 10-minute number called ‘Candy’s Going Bad’, from 1978, which is a cover originally done by…   Read More

#43 – Mythological Cold Towers
Mythological Cold Towers




This long-winded bunch from South America had the high minded big idea of mixing…   Read More

#44 – Nocturnal Breed
Nocturnal Breed




‘Thrash The Redeemer’ charges out of the gate as if it was ‘Metal Militia’ by Metallica…   Read More

#45 – Exhumed




Here’s an entry in The Top 50 Worst Heavy Metal Bands Of All Time that will prove once and for all that I am not afraid to voice my opinion…   Read More

#46 – Anthrax




The inventors of the mega-mosh have arrived at Death Scream airport just to be escorted to the motel where The Top 50 Worst Heavy Metal Bands Of All Time are staying…   Read More

#47 – Wrathchild




Decidedly made up with perfect rooster hairdos their ‘Stakk Attack’ was one of the many mascara massacres as the…   Read More

#48 – Tension




Flying to LA to record their Capitol Records debut, the band blames equipment that was rented and sounding horrible and some other excuses…   Read More

#49 – Glacial Fear
Glacial Fear




‘Atlasphere: The Burning Cycle’ – So you walk into this Italian restaurant named Glaciarrelli’s. You and your lady…   Read More

#50 – The Great Kat
The Great Kat




Not to be confused with the Polish band Kat, The Great Kat is a super talented, tough big shot, who likes to run her mouth and blow…   Read More