Glacial FearGlacial Fear – ‘Atlasphere: The Burning Cycle’ – So you walk into this Italian restaurant named Glaciarrelli’s. You and your lady sit yourselves down at a table that looks good to you.

No sooner do you start to get settled when a big, fat loudmouth waiter comes over
and says: ‘This is a no good. These tables are reserved for the customers’. To which comes the reply; ‘I am Mr. Casale and I made reservations for my beloved partner and I over the phone’.

With a scowl on his face, the waiter abruptly turns and walks away.

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Veal cutlets and spaghetti would really hit the spot, I think to myself as I gaze at the menu.

I can’t help but think how good all this Italian food looks on the menu. My gorgeous partner looks up at me scrunching her forehead.

‘Do you have a headache, dear?’; I say to her, sensing her distress.

She replies with a quiet ‘no’, and the evening unfurls and turns out to be very memorable and romantic.

Glacial Fear are a band from Italy that makes some annoying Metal music with gruff, bonehead vocals that kind of reminds me of Death Metal growling when it’s done very bad.

‘Atlasphere, The Burning Cycle’ is an old EP of theirs that nobody but me owns, as I have convinced myself.

Why would anyone bother with such mediocrity.

It’s too bad as concerns the drumming though, as it is the only thing good about
these band of Metalheaded Italian Stallions.

So what does this band Glacial Fear have to do with Glaciarelli’s restaurant?


I wasted your time.


– Rich Castle