AnthraxAnthrax – The inventors of the mega-mosh have arrived at Death Scream airport just to be escorted to the motel where The Top 50 Worst Heavy Metal Bands Of All Time are staying.

I, for one, don’t cry for the ‘Indians’ as Joey Belladonna bellowed into the mike for these Noo Yawker Big Applers.

Anthrax were always the antithesis of what a rock star should be.

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I really can’t stand the football chants that act as back up vocals in so many of the band’s songs.

How does Anthrax really fit in with the awesome four others of the big five: Slayer, Metallica, Megadeth,  and Sepultura?

The nerdy rejects Anthrax just don’t appeal to my mentality, no matter who has been at the microphone.

– Rich Castle