Mythological Cold TowersMythological Cold Towers – This long-winded bunch from South America had the high minded big idea of mixing Doomy Death Metal with very prominent, strange keyboards and putting it together in the form of huge conceptual pieces.

Worshipping strange gods and offering gobblity gook sacrifices to whomever is the order of the day for M.C.T.

Hideous bellowing slow motion, half-spoken growls permeate every pore of a godforsaken concept album known as ‘Remoti Meridiani Hymni / Towards The Magnificent Realm Of The Sun’.

It was released a while back in their native South American country of Brazil on a record label called Somber Music.

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‘Remoti’ is terse and horrific without intentionally trying to be. A very contrived piece of music that is really so out of this world that it is more than a bit annoying.

If some old Mayan statues came to life and started jamming on today’s modern electrical
musical instruments it would sound just like this mierda.

Let me know about any archaeological sites that have been excavated so I can bury
‘Remoti’ deep, deep in the ground.

This M.C.T. album is the only one of theirs that I know of and I don’t care, in a million years, about ever hearing another.

– Rich Castle