Rhymes with…

Vectom – The scary looking guys on both of this band’s album covers, wearing their black Ku Klux Klan get ups, made it seem like there was something e-v-i-l inside the record sleeves.


Just juvenile German Speed Metal.

Certainly not Black Metal as some might have thought.

Not Thrash Metal either despite the ill played attempts the drummer made to execute the style on certain songs.

And, finally, too much of a light touch and thin production jobs on both albums negated Vectom’s possible appeal to the Speed Metal crowd.

‘Why am I alive?’ one of this 1980’s band’s song titles begged.

Why indeed.

Nobody needs Vectom.

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I’m sure the band was boozing it up when they made the pointless, non-essential music that serves no purpose but to earn the band the number 41 slot in The Top 50 Worst Heavy Metal Bands Of All Time.

Only Graveland, from Poland and the infamous Varg Vikernes’ lead Burzum, from Norway,  would cause genuine trouble by being white supremacists.



Now that’s the name of a good rock solid Doom Metal squad worth hearing.

Vectom certainly aren’t worth the time talking about; touting pea brained song titles the likes of ‘Satan’s Colours’, ‘Evil Run’ and ‘Elixir Of Death’.

Pass ’em the poison,  a.s.a.p.

– Rich Castle